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Sumatra Laminated Flooring

Super stylish 7mm thick laminate flooring with a realistic textured grain, this oak plank design comes with a special moisture coating for 100% water resistance.

Monteverde Laminated flooring

This high quality laminate is 12mm thick was designed to look like real wood flooring.

Alberta Laminate flooring

Alberta 8mm is the water-resistant oak flooring suitable throughout the home and in light traffic commercial areas.

Urban Laminate Flooring

Urban laminate flooring is a top-quality 8mm laminate that offers a perfect combination of price, decors and availability.

Uber wood Laminate flooring

Uberwood is perfect for durability, aesthetics and the environment!

Manor Herringbone Laminated flooring

Featuring Blue angel certification, Manor is sustainably sourced from certified wood and
renewable raw materials.

Elite XL Laminate Flooring

Elite XL Laminate Flooring is an exclusive 12mm laminate range that is strong, hard-wearing, and environmentally sustainable.