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Westex Silken Velvet

Chic (Frost) Remnant

Size: 3.30m x 2.73m


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Wool Skein Herringbone Landes

Alternative flooring Remnant

Size: 3.82m x 2.46m


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Wool Twist Remnant

Size: 5.20m x 1.54m


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Ocean Blue Remnant

Size: 5.60m x 1.38m


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Man Made Luxurious Carpet Remnant

Size: 2.60m x 2.20m


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Man Made Luxurious Carpet Remmant

Size: 2.38m x 1.42m


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Wool Loop Remnant

Size: 3.88m x 1.86m


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Remnant Carpets

We pride ourselves on offering an incredible selection of discounted remnant carpets that are perfect for all your flooring needs.

We aim to provide an affordable solution to your flooring problems without compromising on quality. We offer a wide range of colours, textures and materials to suit every style and budget.